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Anne Frank's Window


by Valerie Lopez


This picture was drawn for a project for my ELA class. We were learning about the Holocaust, there was an option to draw Anne Frank’s window. I wanted to draw Anne Frank’s window because I wanted her watching everything that was happening outside. While she was hiding inside, protected for only a bit of time. There were many other people that had to suffer because they couldn’t be sneaky like the Frank family. Many kids were taken away from their parents and others were tackled down. When I was planning what to draw, I thought about how Anne Frank had to see that, she could hear what was happening outside. I wanted to capture the reality of the Holocaust. If you search for Anne Frank’s window, the results are just a window with a view of some trees and other apartments. I wanted to show how many people saw the world during the Holocaust.



San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation


by: Yennifer Moreno

The San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation offers a great and  wide variety of hands-on and virtual experienced that really lets you realize how fun science can really be! When you first enter the museum you can already see all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that you want to get your hands on. For example, around noon we did a lab where we made robots. We had to design and create a robot that could potentially help firefighters put out fires. There was also another station where we had to design buildings that would be able to withstand an earthquake. We even got to experience a 7.4 magnitude earthquake simulation.The thing about hands-on activities like these is that you are able to expand your horizons and try things you normally wouldn’t, but also understand that with the right mentality you are capable of so much! Virtual activities were also very enjoyable and informing.One of my favorite virtual activities was called ‘A Guide Into Outer Space.’ The reason why it was so terrific is because you learn things you wouldn’t learn at school about our vast universe. Virtual Learning is great because it gives us a connection between something we are so familiar with (phones,tablets,computers,etc.) and something so foreign and mysterious; which opens an abundance of doors and opportunities.In conclusion, The Tech Museum of Innovation was a great and unforgettable experience because we not only got to experience hands-on learning, but virtual learning as well. All of this opened a whole different and fun side of science.



Pioneer students participate in the Tulare County Farm Bureau Calendar Art Contest. Submissions were created using a variety of mediums all representing this year’s theme, Tulare County Agriculture Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead. The top contestants for Pioneer are first place - Tiana Contreras; second place - Valerie Lopez; and third place - Marlen Gomez. The new calendar will be printed for 2020 by Tulare County Farm Bureau.




Computer Class


by Tiana Contreras


A hobby that I enjoy doing in my spare time is drawing/coloring it is easy to do for me and it lets my imagination go wild. Art doesn’t take much materials unless you want to work with the stuff that can blend well. I used Adobe Photoshop to draw this picture. My type of art usually consists of drawing and coloring, and I often like to mix many styles within one picture. To draw I first  imagine the picture in my head (even if it is a bit exaggerated it will work) I imagine the details profoundly and think of how I can draw/color that. Oh I forgot one essential step, I have to listen to music. Anyways, then what I like to do is sketch it out before I actually start working on it. To do this it is best to use a pencil going on the paper lightly. Next I need to start on the beginning lines to get the basis of the picture down (depending on whether I am inking with my assortment of pens or just drawing with pencil i will use different tactics).  And finally after that is done I move on to the details like shading and little things here and there. Most of the time I will do the picture in parts. Now if you are wondering what is so wonderful about all the stuff I listed above, it is wonderful to me because it lets my imagination fly and it is calming. Not to mention when it is finished I get the greatest feeling in the world. Another thing that I love about this hobby is that while I am drawing I can create whatever creature thing I want and it can go from insane all the way to flat out ridiculous. Also drawing and art is a great way for me to express my thoughts, feelings, or even to express myself. Finally the last thing I like about my hobby is that I am able to make something great out of almost nothing. In conclusion, art is my hobby and I am fond of it because I can make a masterpiece out of a writing tool and my imagination.


Video Production




by Viviana Verduzco


This year we have done many projects in Video Production, one of which I have enjoyed very much has been our movie on the ASB Officers. One reason that I enjoyed doing our project on the ASB Officers is that we got to explore Motion. Motion is a program in which we have learned how to create, edit, and export videos. This year we will be using Motion to edit all our videos that will be presented in assemblies, including at Renaissance. Motion also allows us to present what we have learned so far and to give people an idea of what Pioneers Video Production class is capable of. Another reason of which why I enjoy our project on the ASB officers is that we got to use GarageBand. GarageBand is an app that we can create lots of different types of music to include in our videos. We learned how to experiment with different instruments such as brass instruments, pianos, wood winds, drums and many more. We also got to use different vocals that were provided by the app. Also, we learned how the different instruments go together and got to create our own music that was used in our ASB Officers video. To conclude, our video on the ASB Officers was a very interesting project that we did in Video Production.




Pioneer Fall Festival

By Sofeeya Carabay


One if the activities that I have done this year at Pioneer is the Fall Festival in October. The day started of like any other Friday, I had zero period and I was carrying my costume with me and people were asking me what it was. My costume was a purple devil with wings. My mom had helped me pick my costume for it. I wanted a costume that was simple enough so my parents can save some money. My mom had these wings for a long time and I had recently bought a pair of devil horns from Fowler at a band review a few months earlier. A few hours later, in sixth period, the office had made an all-call over the p-a system announcing that all eighth grade students who will be attending the fall festival shall leave their classroom and get to the gymnasium for the festival and then proceeded to call the seventh and sixth graders so the festival could start and get everyone situated into the festival. I met all of my friends by the gate where the bus riders line up after school to walk around the festival to see what they had for everyone. The festival was made possible by our schools Leadership and Yearbook classes for all to have fun and anyone can dress up in costume since we couldn’t wear costumes on the actual day of Halloween but, my friends and I took advantage and we all dressed up in costume which was really fun for us. I entered myself in a pie eating contest, even though I was almost finished, I lost which was ok but my makeup was messed up and I had to fix it and just in time for the costume contest which some people had some great costumes and an hour later I had to leave to go to the high school rival game between Monache and Porterville high. In conclusion, the Fall Festival at Pioneer was one of the best activities I have done this past year.